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IASG T-Shirts

For sale, not for rent! Pay $20 to the IASG treasurer at any meeting. Get them while they’re hot!! Assuming we can find them. IASG T-Shirt

Wireless Adapter

TP-Link WiFi Card Alfa adapter Alfa panel

2.4GHz all-mode (including monitor mode) USB wireless adapters, available in TP-Link and Alfa models. Very useful for WiFi sniffing and injection activities.

HackRF One

HackRF One VHF/UHF Rx/Tx software defined radio. Subject to transmitter restrictions.


RTL-SDR USB receiver designed for receiving digital TV, but is really just a software defined radio and is capable of receiving many other types of radio signals.


Antenex Antenna Useful for receiving radio transmissions.

Flip Camera & Tripod

Camera Tripod Historically used to record IASG meetings.