On Tuesday, Februrary 09 Meeting, Jake Drahos presented on Reverse Engineering Web APIs:

This talk provided some background and an introduction to reverse engineer a private web API used by a mobile application. Many applications rely on an API, which is not exposed to the user. What happens when we start talking directly to this API?

Following the presentation, there was a Lab Jam in Coover 1012 where you can go hands-on with these topics, and/or play with the IASG virtual environment.

This is the presentation of the meeting.

Additionally, this Saturday is the National Cyber Defense Competition at Iowa State. For the first time ever, the CDC is augmented with a Cyber-Physical aspect, addressing security concerns with SCADA in addition to the web. ISEAGE is looking for Green Team volunteers to help out at the competition. You can sign up here.

If you are going, good luck at the career fair tomorrow!