Wireless Sniffing with Wireshark

At today’s meeting, Daniel Limanowski will be giving a presentation on wireless packet sniffing with Wireshark:

Packet sniffing is the widely-used technique to troubleshoot networking issues and is also used as a way to intercept data to collect intelligence before an attack. We’ll begin with a quick intro to packets and common protocols and then jump into sniffing by using Wireshark. Along the way I will talk about the legality of wireless packet sniffing, what you can and can’t do with sniffing, how to protect yourself against being sniffed, and how to get started sniffing wireless data. Please download Wireshark at https://www.wireshark.org/#download (or, if you load Kali onto a VM, Wireshark and a plethora of other wireless security and monitoring tools will be available to you by default) so that you can follow along with me as we explore Wireshark and its capabilities.

Following the meeting, there will be a Beginner’s Night on more Linux basics, especially networking.