Lt. Josh Hale from ISUPD will be giving a presentation: “Josh Hale is a lieutenant with ISU Police having 14 years of law enforcement experience. He holds two degrees from ISU; a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a master’s degree in information assurance. Josh is an Offensive Security Certified Professional. Next week he will be starting in a new joint position working with ISU IT Security and ISU Police.

“Physical Security in a Digital World” is a presentation that shows how an attacker can use physical devices such as Raspberry Pis and weaponized USB devices to gain access to a target network, including demonstrations on some of the things an attacker might be able to do once inside the network.”

Beginner’s Night

Logan W will be hosting a beginner’s night on Cyber Self Defense.

Halloween CTF

IASG will be hosting a Halloween-themed CTF for IASG members during the meeting on Tuesday, October 31st at 5:15pm in Coover 3043. More details to come. Food and prizes will be there. Bring your friends!