Hardware Hacking

We will have a security engineer from ProCircular (a cybersecurity startup) giving a talk: Bryan Prather-Huff is a Cybersecurity Engineer at ProCircular Inc of Coralville, Iowa. Initially from Texas, Bryan moved to Iowa at the age of 5 and began the journey to tech fluency via IRC rooms on Coldfront and the dark hellhole that is 4Chan’s /b/. Bryan worked for many years as a contract Sys Admin and A/V engineer before acquiring a BS in Computer Science at the University of Iowa. Now he spends his days trying to hack into companies around eastern Iowa and educating folks about the biggest threats in Cyber Security (hint, it’s always people).

Bryan will be giving a short, introductory talk about hardware hacking, providing a brief glimpse at approaches, applications, and tools. He will also stick around to answer any questions you might have about working in Cyber Security and the many tools and tricks used in the industry.

There will be no beginner’s night following the meeting.