Halloween CTF

Tomorrow’s meeting is our 3rd annual Halloween CTF, which will consist of a series of technical and non-technical challenges of all difficulty levels for participants to decrypt, hack, reverse-engineer, exploit, or do something else in order to gain points for their team of 1-4 people.

The competition will run from 5:15-8PM in Coover 1012, followed by a walkthrough of the main challenges and prizes handed out to members of the top team(s), provided by No Starch Press (textbook company with awesome security/programming books).

Non ISU students are allowed to compete and remote competing is an option, but you must be physically present + an ISU student to be prize eligible.

We will be ordering pizza for everyone, so if you will be there please fill out this quick survey today if you haven’t already so we know how much to get.


Make sure you bring a laptop with wifi + a linux partition/live boot/virtual machine (preferably kali or another hacking distro). You can do some challenges in Windows/Mac but likely not all of them.

Hope to see you all in Coover 1012 at 5:15PM Tomorrow!